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Judul : Prospek Pepaya Gunung (Carica pubescens Lenne & K. Koch) dari sikunang, pegunungan Dieng, Wonosobo.
Jenis Publikasi : ilmiah
Abstrak : Papaya is not an unfamiliar fruit within Indonesian society, but recently there is one species of papaya coming to the markets with high economic value and it is considered as an imported fruit. The species is known as small papaya or the mountain papaya (Carica pubescens). the fact is, however, that the fruit has been grown for a long time by some Indonesian people, particularly by Dieng inhabitants in Sikunang village. this village is one of few areas where Carica pubescens could grow well and bears fruit perpectly. however due to lack of welfare and knowledge among Dieng inhabitants, the fruit fails to gain popularity or to become a main fruit commodity. The purpose of this paper is to present an obvious example of the potency of a village which is rich in genetic variety, but it has not been developed yet. it is probable that by improving this potency, Dieng inhabitants will be benefited and thus increase their welfare. this paper also describes the origin and distribution, morphology, and ethnobotany of Carica pubescens.
Penulis : Syamsul Hidayat
Penerbit : PKT - KRB
Sumber Publikasi : Prosiding seminar sehari Menggali Potensi dan Meningkatkan Prospek Tanaman Hortikultura Menuju Ketahanan Pangan
Waktu Pelaksanaan : 2001
Lembaga Riset : UPT Kebun Raya Indonesia - LIPI